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egoThe entire human genome has been read. Even ten years ago, that seemed a distant goal; but last month, scientists announced that they have completed reading a “rough draft” of the complete recipe for a human being. It will soon

tbeWhen the Supreme Court ended its latest term in June, everyone agreed it had been a momentous one. In its last week alone, the Court had ruled that police must continue to give the Miranda warning to suspects; that government

gaAfter a few rocky moments earlier this year, George W. Bush finally solidified his credentials on abortion and earned the respect of many pro-life leaders. The main question now is not what he believes, but how he plans to explain

algRepublicans love to poke fun at the many incarnations of Al Gore, who seems, like a chrysalis, always in the process of becoming. But more important than the changes themselves is the question of whether he will find a tack