raid-recoveryAs a medical doctor, I have found that computers have taken a larger and larger role in my practice over the past couple of years. It only makes sense, because when electronic medical records and other systems in place, you need to always have a pretty good understanding of PC technology in general. But I have to say that one of the most scary things that I’ve had to witness during the time I have my practice was the time in which I needed to recover data from mac hard drive systems. That was a scary time for me, because I never really been in the data recovery situation before. I had all of my patient records on a specific server and wasn’t really sure what to do. I’m not a technology oriented guy so I didn’t really know what my administrator was talking about when he said we needed raid 5 data recovery. Well, I can say that I know now and I believe I will be able to take this experience with me in the future. I just hope that I don’t have to recover data from crashed hard drive platters anymore. That would be crazy.

Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive Situation

I finally managed to build my brothers computer after quite a long time shopping around for parts. He was happy with the system for about three months and said that it was pretty fantastic. But then, imagine my life when I had to deal with a situation in which we had no choice but to recover data from HP ProLiant hard drive platters that had failed. I am not a data recovery technicians per se, but I do know a couple of guys at work who have worked with a hard drive recovery company before. They promised that they would take a look at the system and see what they could do in order to provide data recovery for him.

They also told me that professional data recovery services tend to be a little bit more expensive than you might think, but that is only because the people involved are very skilled and typically have pretty incredible degrees. I hope it either working do something, but my brother is just going to have to pay up if you want all of the data back.

Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive on an HP Server

These have been some strange times for my company over the past couple of weeks. We just lost a major project to a competitor and I have to say that I thought that we were easily going to pick this one up. But, I guess you have to just wrote the punches. Then, we had a situation in which our server went down and needed to recover server data platters, because a lot of our Microsoft exchange data was on that server. This was a pretty expensive deal overall, because the data recovery company we were working with told us that it was essentially a very difficult server to work with. I should’ve known when we first got these HP servers that they would be rough in general. I think they were clearing them out and that is probably a big reason why we needed to recover data from crashed hard drive systems. I hate when that happens, but sometimes you just get a little bit too cheap.

Sometimes You Need to Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive

I definitely see how things change in the computer industry over the past five years. Whereas once it was a very PC oriented industry, now I think that pretty much everything is gone mobile. This is not a really big problem for most people, because everybody like the portability of new computers and cell phones. But, I think it lends for the possibility of needing to recover data from raid 10 hard drive platters more than ever before. This is because when you have the ability to move a computer around, there is far more room for the potential of dropping the computer on the ground. The problem with this is that of course hard drives are very sensitive devices and the data that is contained within is sensitive as well. Certainly you don’t want to be in a situation where you’ve lost that data, so you end up calling a hard drive recovery company get it back. It’s good for them, but not for the average user.

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