5 High Tech Business Ideas You Can Start Small

When you think of high-tech companies you presumably remember large names like Google and Facebook. But when you are just starting, you don’t have to think that high.

In reality, many of the big tech companies that are popular today began out pretty small when you think of high tech companies, big names like Google and Facebook possibly come to mind. But when you just start, you don’t have to think that high. In reality, many of the big tech companies that are popular today started pretty small.

However, dozens if not hundreds of projects have failed with a very good startup plan. So you should have a mapped-out strategy for starting up. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur who hopes to make it big in the technology field.

The “right” technology business concept is constantly evolving, especially in an industry characterized by innovation and tech.

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Below are 5 high tech business ideas you can start small

1.     Smartphone repair

There is a strong need for repairing gadgets for so many customers, especially those who have smartphones. You may start a company where people carry in or submit devices so that different problems can be resolved.

2.     Web design

Website design is one of the technological ideas that will never go out of style. Since virtually every company needs a professional website to look respectable and to create its brand.

Web design includes various facilities, such as graphic design, interface design, copywriting, UX design, and SEO. IBISWorld says that over the last five years the web design industry has expanded by 6.6 percent and delivered 38 billion dollars in 2019, hence, you can trust that this technology business concept can be marketed for the coming years.

3.     Customer experience management.

Customer Experience Management Systems, such as ZenDesk, predicts that Ian Kelly, CBD’s NuLEaf Vice President of Operations, will soon become redundant on customer relationship management platforms.

While CRM can allow you to manage customer information, a CXM unification into a single silo all conversations between sales, marketing, and customer service so that your customers are satisfied and thereby increasing your customer base.

4.     Influencer marketing

This is an industry that offers support and product placements from individuals or organizations, who have a certain level of expertise or social influence in their respective fields, through social media platforms such as Instagram. Although no one can control you, you can start up a company by collecting social media and hiring a marketing firm that influences you to link you with brands by having a certain degree of specific expertise or a lot of charisma.

5.     Sale of Portable charging devices

Mobile devices are everywhere with us today, but it’s still way too normal to have your battery power die on you when you are out. This is why the mobile phone lending industry’s growth is driven.

The demand for portable charging equipment is projected to rise by 6.6% from 2017 to 2022 year-on-year, according to data released by BCC Report. The fact that many new models of telephones have a lower battery capacity drives development.