Dallas TX named Leading Athletics City by Sports activities Small business Journal

Attendance at sporting events is another area Dallas-Fort Worth excelled in, according to Derrick Moss, Sports Business Journal senior market analyst. TCU students get ready for the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Attendance at sporting events is one more area Dallas-Fort Really worth excelled in, in accordance to Derrick Moss, Sports activities Business Journal senior marketplace analyst. TCU pupils get ready for the Huge 12 Championship game on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

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Each year, Dallas hosts around 70 to 85 sporting events, translating to roughly $650 million in economic windfall last year, said Monica Paul, executive director of the Dallas Sports Commission.

This was largely the reason for Dallas being named by Sports Business Journal as the Top Sports City in the U.S. — the first award of its kind the sports trade website has handed out. About 50 cities were considered for the honor.

“I’m extremely excited about it, but humbled at the same time. It’s something we talk about on a regular basis across the region in terms of… we are the No. 1 sports destination, but to have someone else recognize you… it’s a very special day for us,” Paul told the Star-Telegram.

The sports website uses an algorithm that graded the cities according to three main criteria: size of the market’s sports footprint, business conditions in the area and opinions from 100 sports executives.

Derrick Moss, senior marketing analyst for the sports trade website, said it was not surprising to see New York and Los Angeles top the list for market size. What was somewhat of a surprise was where Dallas landed.

“In looking at the diversity of Dallas’s sports properties, there’s really not a whole lot that’s missing,” Moss told the Star-Telegram. ”I mean, Dallas has kind of everything.”

In the rankings, New York came in second. Charlotte, Minneapolis and Atlanta rounded out the top five.

Moss clarified that their algorithm considers a city as part of a Metropolitan Statistical area, which means it looked at data from the Dallas-Fort Worth area as one entity.

“So, when you think about Dallas-Fort Worth facilities as kind of the tip of the spear, they graded out really highly in all three of the categories,” Moss said.

Dallas-Fort Worth as a major player in sporting events

Beating out the likes of New York and Los Angeles, Paul sees the honor as a fortuitous marketing opportunity.

“We’re hoping (that this) means that whether it’s some of our clients that are looking for locations to bring their major events, or even youth, grassroots collegiate events, anything from a sports standpoint, that they automatically think of the Dallas-Fort Worth region,” she said. “And kind of a step above that, there are corporations that are looking to relocate.”

She hopes the designation as a top sports region will mean corporate leaders will see the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a major player.

“That Dallas is top of mind, or at least in the conversation” when talking about where to hold events or even where to relocate offices, Paul said.

Just last year PGA of America opened its new $33.5-million headquarters in Frisco. At the end of March, the NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament will tip off at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

The Dallas-Fort Worth sports market includes several professional teams: Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association, Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball, Dallas Wings of the Women’s National Basketball Association, Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League, FC Dallas of Major League Soccer and Dallas Jackals of Major League Rugby. North of Fort Worth, just across the Denton County line, sits Texas Motor Speedway. Factor in all the golf courses, arenas and sports facilities, and Paul said it is a sprawling sports network.

Add to that long list the fact that area cities have hosted a total of 15 rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament through the years — including Fort Worth (3), Dallas (10) and Arlington (2).

Exactly what the Dallas sports market is worth is “a pretty big number,” Paul said.

So, what makes Dallas-Fort Worth a special sports region?

“Oh my gosh, how much time do we have?” Paul said, chuckling. “We have some of the best world-class facilities here.”

Add to that travel accessibility with Dallas-Forth Worth Airport and Love Field, the favorable climate and cost of doing business in Texas, and you have a winner, she said.

“There’s our Texas hospitality, our can-do spirit,” she said. “ You can’t put a price tag on that.”

Moss, the sports website’s market analyst, could not agree more: “This is really where Dallas was strong,” he said. “Dallas is very business-friendly. It’s just a really efficient, economically viable place to do business.”

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