Cafeteria business can be likened to other businesses. Generally, no business will succeed if not done well and no business can fail if done well. People eat mostly their lunch outside. This means offering this service, you might just be in the right business that will earn you so much money.

If you are looking to start a cafeteria, you would need to be innovative about it. One of the major things you should have is a website with a feature for people to order from home. This way, you can also get orders from those that want to eat and do not want to leave your home. You can make your own arrangement for delivery or partner with a delivery company. You will also need a good internet connection. You can read about American internet providers on to know the best internet service providers you can patronize for your cafeteria.

An average sale in a cafeteria makes a minimum profit of 2.5%/per sale. If that is multiplied by the number of sales in a day, a week, month, and year, a huge profit can be derived from the cafeteria business. But for your cafeteria business to be profitable, there are necessary steps that must be taken. The success and profitability of your cafeteria highly depend on how strategized you are.

Necessary steps to making your cafeteria business a success.


Your location is key and a huge determinant to deciding if your cafeteria business will succeed or fail. A cafeteria is a place for staff to have their lunch. So first of all, consider a place where you have staff either in an institution or organization. Then not just staff, but the higher the number of staff, the better. This to a great extent will determine the level of patronage.

Choose your concepts

There are other cafeterias around. So come up with something to make you stand out. Come up with concepts and ideas that will make you special among others. It might be the special type of meals you offer and how they are offered, the type of furniture in use, interior design, table and chairs set in your cafeteria. These are attributes that will make you stand out and bring in customers and make the business profitable.

Hire the right hands

From your business plan and concepts, you already know the type of services to offer in your cafeteria. These define the type of employees you need for maximum productivity. The type of hands you employ can determine the productivity and profitability of the business. For example, if the right, competent and experienced hands are employed to produce at the lowest possible cost, then the business stands a chance of making higher profits. But where wrong hands are employed, it leads to wastages and unproductivity.

Advertise your cafeteria

Advertisement here does not mean going to the biggest media house to showcase your products, even though its not a bad idea if you can afford it. You can do your due diligence by way of marketing your cafeteria to the staff who may not know about your business, those who hardly come around to patronize. This can be done verbally or by way of distributing business flyers, business cards. Another way is to get the contacts of potential customers and send them messages about your business.


Cafeteria remains a profitable business that can bring fortune to an investor. However, it all depends on the management of the business. If it’s managed well, then it thrives and generates revenue but if not properly managed, then it could fail in terms of profit-making or even capital.